Necktar VII

Why Necktar VII ?

Beyond the styles, an identity : Hors Norme (Apart from the Standard).

What was there before ?
The "mort aux vaches" Staalplaat's series, the Flexipop series of Flexipop magazine and her small sister : Shockwave, all the compilations of the mythical ZickZack label.

What will be next ?
The support's dematerialization seems to involve an increase in the publications of compilations. Which one seem to become more relevant, example: Calling All Fiends.
We can see also the emergence of Radio such Radio
Operator Mulot

Which does not hesitate to recreate the tracks that they diffuse, to present them through the filter of their focusing.

What is the interest to carry out a compilation on line vis-a-vis myspace and its friends?
In a way myspace is as a compilation and in a better style, because the listener can select his favorite tracks.

I do not have the answer, I just hope that Necktar VII will be a good revealer, psychotropic, which will extend our musical perception, and maybe give us an answer to this question.

Necktar VII seems to be the logical continuation of the preceding opus,
and at the same time a return to the sources.
The cosmic loop, by the axis of the macrocosm to the microcosm, which joined Avant Gout de Necktar.

The playlist constituted herself in the form of layers sets of themes upset by a chain of damnings up…


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