In March 2000 begins the series of Necktars which wants to be a periodic musical report.

Initially they are full double CDRs.

Only Necktarine conceived as an estival supplement comprises only one of them.

Then the constraint of the format bursts with the publication without physical support of the last episodes.

Systematic hybridization ?

Necktars have only the name of compilation, because with listening, they take the form of albums, trip in the psychedelic tradition, because of the playlistes' coherence and the common universe of the formations : Hors Norme (apart from the standard).

So much so that it is difficult to determine, if Necktar VII is a compilation or a slightly subliminal radio operator program.

Evolution of Necktar compilation :

At the childbirth, more half of the titles of Avant Gout de Necktar were improvisations.

The essort of the compositions sees leaving Necktar more directed towards the industrialist

and Necktarine towards the electronic music,

after a transition by Necktar II

Necktar III presents the successful mutation of the machines' integration.

Necktar one line testifies to the will of the elabel to open the series with other universes, started by the realization of electrodoser and delivers a music devastated by freaky artists… an Original Underground and Independent music.

A such herald, Tribute to Necktar was carried out whereas the last opus of the series had not been born yet.

Necktar VII is evoking a panorama of the muzik hors norme (apart from the standard). Or in the logic of the project : a radio operator program.

Precision concerning classification :

If classification appears chaotic this small summary of the opus should be useful to you :

1. Avant Gout de Necktar
2. Necktar
3. Necktarine
4. Necktar II
5. Necktar III
6. Necktar one line
7. Necktar VII

+ H.S. Tribute to Necktar

Dedications :

Necktar “ to those which died while believing in a reality which did not exist. ”

Necktar II “ to a dead poet. ”
(Leconte Delisle)

Necktar III “ to Tadeusz Kantor. ”

Necktar VII “ to those which died so that others are born. ”

Tribute to Necktar “ Because the conformism of the society involves the genocide of the deviants. ”

Ultimately :

The Total Time of the Necktar Integral
is 24 hours.

Can musical perception remained unchanged after having listened to musics hors norme (apart from the standard) during one day ?

free the people now