C reaction is not a legal licence.

C reaction is an alternative to the public domain, for the creators who wish to free their works,
but which refuse to be subdued to the dictatorship of the commercial world.

We affirm that a work, as a human being, even if it has parents, obstetricians, educators… belongs to itself.

We affirm that the intellectual property is a nonsense, as one cannot decently plant a flag on the life, one cannot do it on his essence.

We affirm that the marketing of the fruits of the imaginary is a dishonesty, like Don Van Vliet in 1970 has claimed :
" I don't want to sell my music. I'd like to give it away because where i got it, you didn't have to pay for it. "

We affirm that really subversive works do not have to fear the commercial world and its substitutes,
because each time a listener discovers what is the authentic creation, he gives up forever the mainstream, to join the universe apart from standard.

Why we refuse to use the licences Creative Commons ?

- Because it is not the free world which must be subjected to the commercial world.
- Because the creators are only mediums which collect the fruits of imaginary and cannot claim for paternity.
- Because certain websites refuse works which are not under creative commons.

Why not be satisfied to mention nothing ?

- Because the listeners could think that it is a mistake, whereas it is an asserted choice.
- Because we wish to post our reaction to the totalitarian view of the commercial world.
- Because we wish to diffuse our message of resistance against the copyright.

If you wish to associate your work with C reaction, you can place on the page of your work this logo :

logo free license creaction

with the link of our page : [ http://morne.free.fr/Necktar7/creaction.htm ]

Feel free to send the link of your work to [ morne@free.fr ] so we can complete the list of C reaction's works. (list temporarily unavailable)